New Product Introduction

Pacific Insight’s New Product Introduction (NPI) team’s mission is to provide a smooth transition from design to production, delivering a stable process to meet labour costs and quality targets for a seamless launch.

  • Design For Manufacturing (DFM) planning
  • Plant logistics and layout reviews
  • Documentation and implementation of best practices
  • Dedicated production launch and support teams


We are experts in innovative product road mapping in the development of customized products that fit our customer’s needs.

  • Proprietary product development process
  • Full range of engineering disciplines including hardware, software and mechanical design
  • Model Driven Software Development (MDSD)
  • 3D modelling utilizing latest analysis software
  • CAD, CAM and CAE


We specialize in the production of electronic modules and LED lighting systems utilizing high speed printed circuit board (PCB) contenting and automated wire harness processing.

  • High speed surface mount technology (SMT) component placement
  • In-circuit automated inspection and testing
  • Conformal coating and potting
  • Automated multi-task wire processing
  • Computerized final functional end of line (EOL) testing

Pacific Insight’s Industry Certifications


Fresnillo Plant


Fresnillo Plant

Fresnillo Plant